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My name is Qin Peng, I'm very proud that I'm a Ragdoll breeder.

When I first met a ragdoll kitten, I was so obsessed with this breed. She was a sweetheart and so fluffy like a small bunny. However, she started crushing down one day. We took her to ER immediately but couldn’t do any thing, because they said she is too small to help. Doctors said that she is only one months and a half, probably even not receives any vaccines. She left us.

Because of this, we decide to become a breeder and not going to let this happen to other furry parents. We do take a lot of time to get to know Ragdoll breed and prepare to take the PawPeds courses to ensure we won’t miss a thing.

About Me

About Cattery

All of our cats and kittens are our family, so we never cage them and let them grow under our feet. we live in a big house and we have 8 sepereate areas for our cats. All of our boys have their own rooms. They have their own cat trees and furnitures.


We are breeding our cats uner the TICA and CFA Ragdoll breed standers and we do like to attend the TICA and CFA cat shows. This is a way that you can know your breeding process.


​Meet the Family Members!

Meet our Kittens babysitter! They are doing great job so far!


This two doggy friends helps our kittens well sociallize with dogs, and kittens love them very much.


Huskies have a fluffy big tails and kittens really love to play with it. And the big brother and sister are so gentle and enjoy the time with them.


However these two excellent cattery staffs only ask for food and home. Good deal!

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